If you fancy rubbing shoulders with working artistes and funky musicians minus the egocentric barrier often created by big corporate stage shows, let me give you the low-down on the truly magical ‘Elixir Bar’. One of Elixir’s new owners, Sky Riki Rixon has been an untiring and ongoing supporter in providing the most incredibly real experience for art/music lovers right in the heart of Cairns city; where punters and artistes alike can all come together to breathe in each other’s aspirations and find sense, solace and support in the art of living (and the living of art). From the first week of its rebirth, The Elixir Bar which is set to uphold the banner of Sky’s renown Travel Beats has already established itself as a symbol of something bigger than ourselves – it is a symbol and an extension of Sky’s faith in a community of lovers of art where kinsmen can come together to share, learn and grow in each other’s humility, understanding and forgivings. Sky, the tender and passionate girl creature is indeed the heart of Cairns music – I’m sure I speak on behalf for MANY MANY MANY musicians, artistes and art supporters – her passion and love for the arts community has hatched the manifestation of a new born spirit that is now the soul of The Elixir Bar. So many special people have expressed such energetic excitement regarding this cosy little bar and it’s spunky new owners. The Elixir Bar features top musicians from some of Cairns’ most iconic bands such as Cairns Blues Explosion, Bernie’s Trio and it will without a doubt, follow in the tradition of the notorious Travel Beats in continuing to promote excellent live music and support massively talented home grown original acts like Savidas, Ray Danes, Tim Wright, Katie Jay, Stevie Roberts, Brealyn Sheehan and many many more



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Open Wednesday to Sunday

Open for Dinner

Wednesday5pm - Midnight
Thursday5pm - Midnight
Friday5pm - Midnight
Saturday5pm - Midnight
Sunday4pm - Midnight

Get the low-down on the truly magical 'Elixir Bar'

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Elixir is a speciality venue and is offering members 2-4-1 on their tapas menu!

  • Speciality

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